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On Fanon and Canon 
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Occasionally a discussion arises where some point is in dispute and an authority is sought. Like so many forums that discuss Star Trek, the tendency here is to immediately fall back on canon as THE authority. Because of the unique nature of this forum and its intended focus, this won't work. In as few words as possible I'm going to explain why and what authority -- if any -- should be considered... authoritative. ;)

The purpose of the FRS forum is to discuss the FRS both in its original print and ongoing, digital incarnations. Consequently the materials used to build the FRS are also fodder for discussion -- Star Trek in all its forms up to and including TMP, the fan art and writing, published and unpublished, of Star Fleet Printing Office, Starstation Aurora, Mastercom Data Center, Allen Everhart and Starcraft Productions, Ralph Gonzalez and the Miami Naval Yards, Franz Joseph Designs, Michael McMaster, Geoffrey Mandel, James Dixon, Andrew Probert and others, and the historic, scientific and science fiction materials used to illuminate and elaborate upon concepts and ideas raised in the above.

That is both a broad but restrictive list. Obviously, Deep Space Nine, the ST-TNG Technical Manual and similar post-TMP canon are relegated to the list of science fiction influences in a scheme like this. I've been tempted at times to just say the bounds are "Roddenberry Trek" but that's not really fair, as TNG wasn't around yet when the FRS began, and it's hard to call season 3 of TOS, "Roddenberry Trek". So we'll stick with the definition I've given.

I established the "Treknologies" forum so we could have a place to look at things from other perspectives. Fan artists are there to answer questions about their works and to solicit discussion as they see fit. The general Treknologies area is for anything that isn't covered in those individual, artist-specific areas. Obviously, THAT'S the place to discuss Trek as a whole. If there is a demand we can set up specific areas for the Bennett, Berman and Abrams incarnations as well. It is also the place to elaborate your own Treknology.

This organization is meant to carry into effect my belief that Star Trek is properly thought of as a modern myth, with no "right" and "wrong" answers. In the end, this particular site is predominantly about my take on that mythos and my interest in others' points of view, both on the mythos and on my take. Since he has graciously joined the fray, it is also about Todd's ideas as reflected in his Starstation Aurora and Mastercom works, which should be seen as distinct but distinctly related to mine. There is Todd's work and there is my work, and there is work we did together. It's confusing, but we'll work out the confusion if and when it arises.

Your comments and questions on this subject are welcome, and the topic will be pinned for future reference.

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10 Jun 2010 10:55
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To me, the classic blueprints of the pre-internet age best capture the feel of Star Trek. Here at last is a forum where the best artists of that age come together.

11 Jun 2010 14:30
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I bought alot of the Blueprints and books back in the early to late eighties and I enjoyed them alot. I still have them they are near me in my office
Library in my rec room where I can get at them easily to look at and reference when I need to. Its nice to have a place like this to discuss these things :)

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19 Jun 2010 14:35
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Every once in a while it occurs to me that if my house blew up (and everyone lived) that my blueprint collection would be the hardest thing to replace. (For the most part other family members have copies of our photos.)

I've said it before, but in the mid 80's (after I had my starter drug with Lawrence Miller ... c-9700.php and then the FJ Constitution Plans that just sent me round the bend) I judged all Trek tech by how well it agreed with FRS and Mastercom. Of course I didn't know then what had pre-dated what. I still hold the Star Trek Maps, Starship Design, and of course the FRS (it was too too short) as the ultimate expressions of pre-TNG (i.e. REAL) fan tech. (I know, the Maps were actually Paramount licensed. - even better!) So like Bernie said, it's good to have a place where these are thought of as highly as I think of them.

I would object to the term "Roddenberry Trek" btw. I think he did everything in his power to destroy or at least negate most of the source material we love here. I understand it's a useful term to differentiate TMP from the later movies. But I still loves me my Wrath of Khan. :)

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19 Jun 2010 15:29
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