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Richard Garett, Captain 
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He awoke with a scream.
He was in his quarters aboard his ship - the Baton rouge class warp 4.8 cruiser.
He wasn't the only one. About half his crew before the star date was out, would do the same.
It was only after that day that he caused his crew about half, to look at him in consternation. The other half, didn't. He had ordered a diagnostic level one of his ship, and it should have an Alpha One Test. The difference being one that many would escape recognizing. The difference was that the Alpha One Test was of the entire ship, a Beta One Test, would only have applied to the Primary hull, and a Gamma One Test to the secondary hull... In the most intense version. Ordering an Alpha One Test meant that it would take a week to go through the results.
It did.
At the end of the week, the results were good. That was the bad news. It took the medical staff using medical Tricorders to track down the really bad news.
Yes the Captain was the Captain. But, something undefined had happened to him... a dream that wasn't a dream. But wasn't reality either.
It occurred to the Chief Medical Officer, Hans Schubert, to attempt to pin it own, using nine medical Tricorders, arranged around each of the crew. Why nine? For completeness. The problem as he knew it, was that while the medical Tricorder was fantastic, it provided only one point of view per scan. By using nine, which allowed for redundancy, was to capture as much data as possible...
It took forty days for the Transtator based main library computer, to data mine the results.
It could be said to be a communication, was the answer, but not quite. It did, however down load a great deal of information.
The only required proof of this was the adding in, of Dilithium crystals to various places around the ship. But the weirdest thing was, that the half of the crew, that was doing so was adding additional circuits, To the ship's main library computer.
Its behavior was changing. And half the crew didn't know why. What they did know was that these new circuits weren't being added in the usual way... They were being over laid on the existing ones. That was when an Engineer was reading up on the latest ideas on computers. That is when he freaked out.

12 Jun 2017 11:11
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Richard Garrett was about to...
Young Jimmy Kirk heard his mother calling, interrupting his small pastime... she was always doing that...
Unfortunately when he put his comic book down he didn't put it exactly where he should have....

14 Jun 2017 07:52
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When his mother found it, he was in real trouble. He had circumvented the parental safety controls, or so he thought. But is father unbeknownst to him, had placed a second level of controls, in a hidden manner. His mother didn't and didn't care - out with the trash went the comic book.
It didn't matter anyways, it had been ruined, by the drink he spilled on top of it.

He had to go to a friend's house, to finish it. But he never did.

At every attempt. somebody interfered, with his attempts...

When he was fifteen, he gave up, it had taken him, that long to do so.
But he had looked up he real story, behind the comic book. Thus circumventing his mother finally.

Or so he thought.

23 Jun 2017 10:03
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