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The Enterprise-C... 
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Rachel Garett stood looking out the port of her cabin while nursing her seventh child, it had been a long haul to get here, In 2344 she had responded to a Klingon distress call, gotten, there, and that was when things had gotten weird. Before she could even get off a shot, something had happened that the computer cores aboard the Enterprise better than five months to refine, into a coherent picture.
In the mean time, they had determined about where they were in the universe. But even that took time, they were so far out from the galaxy, that only the oldest galaxies to be detected were of any real direct use. But over the last ten years they had refined the result considerably. They were approaching now at time warp factor four(1024c) what had remained the nearest star. The problem for her, was that fuel was getting critical, they had had to travel at time warp factor four due to the lack of useable fuel along any course. They others were even worse as far as that went.
As put her seventh down, she realized that she contemplating her eighth.. Her husband and her second officer, would of course agree to it. He had no choice in the matter. When they started trying to return home, it was obvious that as many of the women who could would have a great many children, after, all it was part of what they signed up for. That was the whole point to the Ambassador Class Starship. If need be, be a colony. Going from a crew of 700 to now 3,500 hundred, hadn't been too difficult.
The system was a bust as far as staying there was concerned, but it di have the needed raw materials, to full stock the ship, and besides traveling at time warp factor five meant that they would be get to he nearest galaxy in a little over three years.

16 May 2017 16:57
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The system made good old fashion practice for the crew, for from fifteen light-years out, they bean to resolve details in the much needed real time, or close enough for a reasonable facsimile there of. It had the needed resources in abundance, plus other things that might be needed later. That is, they stuffed the ship to the gills for just I case needs.
But this day, she was going to do something a bit off the wall, something she had been continuously attempting to for the last month. A full up level one diagnostic of the ship's tactical systems, during her weekly inspection... Levels five and four had of course been done routinely, but the level one, was only to be really done once a year. But this one was a surprise... To see if her crew was still top notch.
In the mean time her Number One would doing something similar to the science personnel.
Just as she was starting to get things under way, an alarm was triggered by a three year old. That wasn't the problem. She triggered in the battle bridge, where no child was allowed to be. Every adult member of the crew knew each child by face and heart. She wasn't recognized. Trying to figure out how she had gotten in there proved to be a problem, as well as her origin. Internal sensors showed nothing till she triggered the alarm. She triggered it, by breaking down and crying. The noise woke the computer security systems, within the battle bridge. She was found naked, and forlorn, by the response team. Sending a small security drone, after the Mk V Tricorders determined her entrance through a small air vent, there not as part of the battle bridge's air circulation, but there to provide an additional system heat dispersal, for the computers there, but it was too small for her to have come through intact as a three year old.
The drone floated through the system, and found where she came in. Months old after birth. Which was impossible.
But the shocking thing was, she had the Captain's DNA. She was genetically the Captain.
This was a real problem. Because when the Ambassador was designed, security features were the most advanced yet. It too thee science teams several days to work out, the 'WTF???'

18 May 2017 16:17
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The Enterprise-C continued on into the unknown Galaxy ahead of them. By the time the little girl was five they were zeroing in on an unknown human civilization. She was six at the time, and seemed for the most part adjusting to her family.
What was unusual was that she was in resonance with Captain Rachel Garret. This resonance took the form of interfering with the Captain's behavior and knowledge, and vice versa. The two Betazoids were terribly at a loss for words on this subject.
What was required, was a watch upon the Captain due to this. There were time when she would unknowingly respond as a little girl, whom knew far too much about some matters. Like Starship physics...
She wasn't incompetent at these times, and for the most part had gotten used to the change which she never fully perceived.
It took at least one of the Betazoids, to tell exactly when it was happening, however, which meant that their primary duties were not being done by them.
What was scary for the crew however, when one of these events would happen, the Captain would make the better call.
It wasn't understood at all, that.
They came into close range around a planet, that they knew from long range scans had undergone an attack... No name for it as yet existed. But even from standard orbit, it was clear that the majority of the inhabitants had been killed off, for what reason was unknown.
That the inhabitants were genetically modified was also clear, though why they should be was also unclear.
They had been modified to handle life at high altitude - close to 4900 meters above sea level of Earth atmospheric pressure.
What was also clear was that there were various kinds of ships around, that technologically were about 2130 AD...

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