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The Bridge from "The Cage" to TMP 
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From a text discussion between Todd and me, after his visit to Cawley's set in Ticonderoga, and a month before my visit there for Drexler's tour. We were discussing what he saw was flawed about that re-creation and what impressed him. The discussion turned to what we'd like to see, and I wrote this, which I thought might stimulate a discussion:

...if I were to design a follow on series set in that Phase II/TMP era, and I had an Admiral/Commodore Kirk show up on the Enterprise like April did in that TAS episode [Counter Clock Incident], I would show that bridge:

1. With a second turbolift a'la the Phase II/TMP layout

2. Adopt that "Cage"/TMP palette for the bridge colors

3. Change the bases of those chairs so they connect to the underside of the consoles, or in some other way are detached another step or two from that Burke origins

4. Less blinky buttons, more active displays, and the buttons not so totally red/yellow/green but also white like on the TMP consoles

5. Indication that the expanse of blank black plexiglass on the consoles actually bring up interactive, tactile displays

6. Indication of interactive holography, VR, and other immersive display tech portrayed as even more inexplicable- particularly with the main viewer and even the dome, which might have overlay display abilities.

7. Finally, show that the bridge had holodeck ability so that the walls, displays etc can dissolve away and it look like the people in the shot are hurtling through space outside the ship, having a direct experience of what the ship is sensing.

8. The uniforms on these people would be as similar to those TOS/Cage uniforms as our present US Navy uniforms are to their WW1-WW2 predecessors.

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That's the way I imagined the main bridge of the Decatur or any other TOS/TMP hybrid looking ship except for holographic walls and consoles. The idea still remains in a corner of my brain but I never went to a single sketch of that.

11 May 2017 18:12
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So, TMP with just a smidgen of JJ? That sounds outstanding! (Sarcasm at 0%.)

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11 May 2017 23:55
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