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Jon Povill on 23rd Century Earth 
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thanks to Calon Riel for finding these. Jon Povill's notes on Star Trek's human setting as to be interpreted for Phase II-TMP:

23rd Century Earth: Context for Enterprise Crew

If the optimistic vision of the future that Star Trek traditionally depicts is to have a feeling of genuine reality, it is necessary that our characters reflect attitudes that are more highly evolved than those of contemporary dramas.

Consider: Most people today who consider mankind's problems as insurmountable, base their assumption on the notion of human nature being greedy, corrupted, and fear-ridden. Rightly, they claim that this planet is quite capable of providing for our needs, but that man, jealous and possessive, is insatiable – and will remain that way till the end, even if it means his destruction.

Seeing as how Star Trek presumes that man did not destroy himself, we can expect to see some ways in which human nature no longer is quite as plagued with these negative aspects. After all, we really won't make it to the Star Trek century if these changes don't occur.

This does not necessarily mean that our people must be paragons of virtue, but it does mean that they must be aware! Unless such behavior is being caused by strange phenomenon, we must not see our characters motivated by common 20th Century frailties.

For example: These men and women have little interest in possessions, be they things or lovers. If they do possess something, it is likely to be with the attitude of an appreciative collector – ready to share with those of similar proclivities – rather than a jealously guarded hoarder.

These people are turned on and curious about the unknown, rather than fearful of it. They expect danger. They joined Starfleet at least in part because of the challenge that uncharted space provides. They will generally hit peak operating efficiency in a crisis rather than fold under the pressure of it.

Normally there would be no evidence of ego problems in our characters. They presumably were reared with more love and greater skills than most of us and so have grown up without most of the difficulties and defensiveness that we are heir to.

They are not ashamed of their bodies or bodily functions. These are people who can share bathroom facilities without regard for gender and without embarrassment. Nor would it cause any awkwardness if someone were to interrupt a couple in the midst of love-making.

Relationships between the sexes are generally non-exclusive unless "contract marriage" is agreed upon, in which the two partners devote whatever portion of their lives they wish to to an exclusive arrangement for mutual growth, exploration and understanding. The contracts are renewable, which makes monogamy a possibility if it is a continued desire by both parties.

Earth itself: The lifestyles and activities of 23rd Century Earth provide the social context of which our characters are supposed to have grown. But what are they? How do people occupy their time in a world that has solved the problems of hunger, disease, war and fear?

In our own time we see that once people have obtained a satisfactory level of material security, they begin to turn their attention to the question of personal fulfillment. Thus we may suspect that the primary pursuits of the 23rd Century are personal growth, learning and awareness.

Diversity is the key. To 23rd Century humanity, diversity is welcomed as the provider of fresh stimuli from which one can learn and grow. The differences between people are a source of delight rather than threat.

Competition is welcomed as a means of stretching one's ability. Sports and games are played with the true Olympian ideal in mind of excellence for its own sake rather than the notion of beating down one's opponent.

The arts flourish. Nearly everyone is involved with some sort of artistic endeavor. Most people can play a variety of traditional and exotic musical instruments. The demand for new instruments from alien cultures is no doubt high. There is live and holographic theatre, mime and dance, all in traditional styles as well as newer, more exotic and more highly athletic modes. These activities are all participant (as opposed to purely spectator) oriented.

Appearance of the Planet: If we have the opportunity to see Earth, we will discover that it has been largely returned to its natural state. Lush forests and barren deserts are preserved in pollution-free purity. Industry, commerce and transportation facilities are predominantly underground so that the surface of the planet can be a place to be enjoyed.

In some cases, old cities have been refurbished and are maintained in mint condition so that those who wish to may have the pleasure of riding a San Francisco cable car or taking a stroll through Soho, as their ancestors did centuries before.

There are automated farms, but there are also farms that are run entirely by people who wish the joy of cultivating the land.

What was once the state of Kansas has been made a Plains Indian lifestyle area in which people of any race can live and hunt as the Plains Indians did. There are other such areas accommodating nearly every culture from the past so that people can truly know what these existences were like (it should be mentioned that in these areas, technology is not permitted to soften the experience. The "tribe" or whatever, is every bit as much in the hands of nature as the society it recreates).

There are cities of huge bamboo and tree pole architectures in Africa that have been preserved from the 21st Century African Renaissance.
There are prehistoric parks, for which genetic engineering has provided living, breeding reproductions of many long extinct species of reptiles, mammals and birds.

There are "art cities", planned, designed and built by artists, sculptors and architects as ongoing showcases that constantly change.

In short, Earth has become a world at once a playground and a living library. A place where people can feel free to experience whatever activities they want for the sake of their chosen development as individuals. And if one's personality demands even greater stimulation than all this provides, there is always "Space, the final frontier...", which tells us a lot about the people who crew the Starship Enterprise.

"After a time, you may find that having is not so
pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical,
but it is often true."

Mr. Spock is dead. Live long, Mr. Spock.

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Thanks for this, also.

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I wish we lived in that world.

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