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Movie Era Science Ship 
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I remember the original in the comic; the Sutton / Villagran art never impressed me. You've taken their poor attempt at a Grissom and turned it into a very nice design that fits a slightly different niche.

Minor quibbles: In your crew list, Quartermasters on ships navigate. We don't run supply. We called those Supply clerks at one time; now they're Logistics Specialists. Only soldiers use Quartermasters for supplies. Possibly why the army has such trouble with developing an accounting system GAO can validate...
I would also not put Navigation in Science. Depending on the ship, today we put it in Nav/admin division on Admin dept, Nav division of Ops, or even Nav div of Deck dept.

In my fanfic, I do have the QMs run Stellar Cartography - the science officers are allowed to use the facility, but the QM gang maintains and operates it - but they're still part of Ops or Admin, or their own dept., depending on era and ship's role. Similarly, Communications is a ship's operational role, not a science dept supercargo role. Scientists have no value in running a ship, but are vital in fulfilling the science mission. QMs are vital to running the ship, and can do the grunt work in keeping a database of stellar phenomenon up to date, but are otherwise useless for the science.

Helm and Operations are topsiders, not engineering types (snipes, as we call them).

Cargo would part of deck or Supply. 2 supply clerks is pretty thin for a ship with close to 200 crew. 2 cooks (we used to call them Stewards, then Mess Stewards, then Mess Specialists, now Culinary Specialists - so they can actually get hired as short order chefs when they get out of the navy, and before their new boss finds out they can't actually cook!) per shift, with no assistants is extremely short handed. You have to serve 4 meals a day to the entire crew, juggling their watch rotation, pull the food from storage, prep, cook, serve, clean up, and start over again for the next meal.

Instead of orderlies, we have Corpsmen. There's a lot of tradition there; not quite as much as Quartermasters, Bosun's Mates, and Gunner's Mates, but close.

GMs (Gunner's Mates) come from Deck or Weapons dept (on more combatant classes), but are a major part of security without being part of that division. Speaking of Security, you have a rather large security force for a science ship. Ship's today use sailors from other divisions that have that additional duty to fill out their ranks when something happens. I'd pull about half of those to "general security" billets to add in more cooks, barbers, and other supply types, since this is a science ship, not a major combatant.

And I'm guessing that you're assuming the XO is required to do that as a side job from whatever department head slot he's already filling, rather than be a separate entity as on most ships. AFAIK, on Star Trek, Spock was the only dual hat Science Officer / XO; everyone else had the two roles separate. It just about takes a Vulcan to manage two full time jobs like that competently.

Aside from those quibbles (The QM thing gets under my skin, as I retired as one), the design and skull sweat that's gone into it is pretty impressive; You've greatly improved on the original.

15 Mar 2017 06:40
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