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Internet versus independent logic computers 
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In the real world, we have the internet. We all know what it does, and basically how. But suppose in ST, there never was an internet per se. Replace the internet, with independent logic computers... Go.

16 Jun 2014 04:26
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You really need to start the ball rolling by providing your own thoughts on the subject. This kind of post, if it goes unanswered, just ends up being clutter.

If by independent logic you mean combinational or sequential logic then the computers would be pure processing machines working on inputs as entered and without memory to manage work flow. You'll have to enlighten me as to how you think that serves as an alternative to the Internet.

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16 Jun 2014 10:31
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I was trying to avoid my own bias on the topic.

The internet as you know provides a high level very rapid way, as opposed to snail mail, for researchers and other to communicate with one another, in a complex way. This has led in our world to a very rapid rate of advancement.

Independent Logic Computers are an artifact of Star Trek TOS. Nomad, is the prime example, at least of the early systems. The latest successful systems with regards to TOS are Duotronic, if you want to go still further, we could include Isolinear systems as well as Lt. Commander Data - positronic based.

What I am wondering is whether the early systems by Jackson Roykirk, would have had a similar affect to research. Or were they too stupid as of yet to do so? In other words, If Nomad type computers were of use to a researcher, just how much use would they be? Early Internet equivalent? or something more advanced?

Consider back in the 1960's, it was almost a given that we would have A. I. Based systems, that one could talk to. And they would talk back. GUI's weren't thought of till about 1970 or so, by XEROX PARC. In effect we would have oracles, working for us, but no one knew at the time what it would take. In some sense, we still don't. But we are getting there. We now know that to set up a true A. I., one would have to have, a nearly complete simulation of a human within the machine. The more complete, the better. But short of this at what point would it become useable? By a researcher?, a non specialist? a student? Remember also that computers in the 1960's were expensive... The drop in price wasn't really understood for a few years either. So I expect in TOS that Nomad was expensive... Which would limit its usefulness. Because it would limit its spread.

About my bias. I don't know everything, and never will, but with you guy's input, perhaps we can overcome my weaknesses.

16 Jun 2014 11:42
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