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Something to think upon... 
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I came across a web site, about the 688 class sub.

What struck me this time was difference in power between the reactor, and the aux power diesel. It is about 107 times. How did they settle on this ratio? And does this say anything about warp engines versus impulse power???

24 May 2013 10:33
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my first guess would be that it was a balancing act between using off-the-shelf tech and component volume...


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24 May 2013 14:50
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You know, your random posts with abstract titles and stream of consciousness ideas are bizarre and rather annoying.

Seriously, "Something to think upon..." and "Had a line of thought" and "Just remembered something" and "A more concise thought upon" are just BS titles. Has it occurred to you that you start a lot of threads that NOBODY responds to? Have you thought that maybe that's because nobody takes you seriously?

29 May 2013 00:19
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^ Narrow your critique to the post and avoid criticism of the poster. You were fine until the last sentence. Speaking for the entire membership and declaring that nobody takes the poster seriously is inflammatory. Consider yourself warned.

That having been said, Zirconic has a point, John. Your posts lack concision and probably fail to elicit replies because few know what to do with them. I am very liberal when it comes to letting people speak their minds. I figure the quality of the post will be dealt with when others either reply or don't. But it IS entirely possible that an inordinate number of such posts irritate such a large number of members as to act as a disincentive to their even visiting the forum. Since that is against the very reason for the forum's existence, I ask that you be as concise as possible in your posts and raise specific points to which it is likely the membership will be able to reply.

Because that isn't the case here, this topic is closed.

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29 May 2013 02:37
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