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I had a new idea a coupe of days ago, but I had a problem... Coming up with a title, that succinctly describes my thought.

What I came up with, was a problem, and a solution to it. Let us say that a space warp distorts space something fierce. But that to navigate, this distortion needs to be corrected for. At warp factor one, at least twice a second. So use an A. I. to do so. But let us say that one has to take into account the A. I. update rate. That is, all A. I.s go through a period of time, which is when they do their thinking, so this take time. But let us say to to get a clear picture of what is happening around the ship requires a great deal of computation. Not just once but some figure that imposes a necessary CPU budget expense, that is large just to correct one image, in particular, ahead of the ship. Please keep in mind that the FAA requires a two minute lead time frame, for an aircraft's pilot and copilot, to make a decision. We will keep this, due to its logic. This means that navigational hazards half to be able to be detected at some distance away. So using a thousand update cycles, as a base figure, one can see the problem. One thousand time every half second, at warp one, the sensor data is refreshed, and it takes a very great number of A. I. updates, just to provide safe passage.
But! Then I added in, another factor. Safety from a different direction. This whole set up, requires the A. I, /hardware to work well all the time. Trouble is, they don't. So you need two CPUs to handle the same data. To avoid confusion, a double wide computer screen is a must. The left side displays one A. I.'s attempt to sort things out, and the right side of the screen the other A. I.'s attempt. Why?? To avoid confusion. You must know which A. I. is screwing up and where, to be safe.

Then I went another step. Let us say that the distortion causes a problem that grows, as you approach warp one. In other words the data for each image gets harder to solve for. But, that there are clear zones ahead of the ship, that occur at random. These are known as convergence zones, and that at warp one are by comparison, to be very clear with what happens inside a solar system while that ship is just engaging its space warp drive. In other words, a low energy space warp doesn't have or need that much in the way of CPU time. But that given a longer enough time, it will need the high powered CPUs.
So what would a ship be seeing at warp one? Evidence of the Time Warp. Which is why there are three convergence zones, ahead of the ship.
Trying to penetrate into them was not successful until the 2235 - 2240 time period.
Why? Because the space warp will always lead to warp factor one given enough time and distance, regardless of the power out put. It requires a very large powerful space warp generator to go into time warp flight. This is why it was said that the Enterprise was powered by a space warp.
Another consequence of prolonged space warp flight was indeed FTL, but with out going into time warp flight. That is, while traveling at warp one, one's actual speed through space, would come out as around fifty hours to the light-year.

11 May 2013 07:01
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My sister has pointed out something else to me, and I remembered something from the Man-Kzin War series of books. That the faster you have an A. I., the faster it will go non-functional. Consider an A. I. that works around 1,000 times as fast as a human brain. It doesn't have to be an equal to a human brain, just faster than a human, for this to work. What I am getting at is the idea, that it would be 'living' 1,000 times faster than we are. So, in far less than a year it would go non-functional - something the order of 36 days or there about. Or 1/10th of a year, assuming a life span of one hundreds years...

So this has consequences.

It means that some way to reboot from scratch the Ship's A. I. must be present, or a total replacement for the computer must exist - because as in all thing that 36 days are most likely the maximum time before replacement in some way is required.

This places another limit on the computers, however. Before this I have been talking about special purpose computers, now I am talking about general purpose system on the ship. If your computers fail at random, and are thus unreliable, past a certain, and if faster computers go unreliable even faster, then what is the point? This in other words puts Duotronics in a different light. What happens if Daystrom found a way around this limitation? In the episode The Ultimate Computer it is stated that computers '"think" millions of times faster than humans...

How would would very fast A. I. affect Earth et el? How long a delay till it kicked it?

11 May 2013 19:11
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or would you just have timed reboots to the original base state of your software ?

with some form of heavily summarized/commented archive to restore mission protocols, search requests, and crew interaction profiles...


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11 May 2013 19:51
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Just remember sometimes it is better to turn the whole thing off for a day or two, just to be safe. But before that, one must know what kind of technology one is dealing with 'ours' or theirs.

12 May 2013 06:46
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