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On the one hand navigation is easy, just know where you are, that is, in terms of x, y, and z. For warp navigation, one may add, a.

On the other hand, detection of navigational hazards, is a must in a timely, manor.

So where does this leave us?

For basic star flight, wf^3 is good enough, but is that the end of the matter?


For warp travel, one can get by with this basic formula, but what happens if you could see far enough ahead, in a timely matter, to bend this equation? How much time would you need? Too soon, and you blow it, in some way. Too late, the same problem. In part what this would mean is that what wouldn't be a navigational, under the basic equation, now becomes an unexpected hazard. That rock in other words that you would have missed, now you hit....

So what is involved? Well a good telescope, is a must. High resolution sensors, a given. But! There is a limit to this. Ship vibration. Any telescope beyond 100x is going to have problems due to somebody walking across the deck. A larger ship might not have too much of a problem, but a small ship??

So what is going on here? to put it simply, mapping. This is where 'a' comes in. This is a variable, that will exist due to the fact that space isn't the same all over. Why? Because of changes in mass concentrations, that is gravity. This can be made use of, to enhance warp performance. Not by much, and it would require some way to detect good "trade winds", which most likely would involved high powered/high speed computers. This is why computers are such a big deal in TOS.

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