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Just remembered something 
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:shock: :?

Why didn't I remember it, in context? Before this???

What I remembered was that the space shuttle, now out of action, used the IBM 4Pi Computer. This gives us an exact baseline reference for all computers following, and not just in the ST SFC, of fame... Yes, that noise.
The space shuttle made use of five of them, three prime, two backup. Why is this significant???

Well like I said, it gives us the baseline. For all computers!

Find out what the clock speed of the space shuttle computers was, plus their memory capacity, etc...

So the DY-100 would be x 10 in other words, the upgraded computers of the space shuttle of the 1990's.

So what would a Multiscan computer be??? How about something that could be taken from place to place onboard the Lewis and Clarke??? To be used as needed??? But would have to be installed, at a given site.

Elementary... a hardwired goal directed system, switching between goals, as needed.

Now it gets tricky.

A single Intermediate, would have ten IBM 4Pi per unit at x 10 clock speed... Keep in mind that a 4Pi computer line replaceable unit, has two CPUs, one for input/output, the other for processing, so this means a total of twenty of them per box. But! Each one has a rider - a hardwired Goal Oriented Action Integrated coprocessor with around 25 goals. So what is Memory Scan??? An analog like memory of the most used data. As opposed to digital. What is the difference? Density. Analog like doesn't mean something that is analog, with its problems of error... What this would produce is a very fast "A. I." system, that could run a ship. Far better than a human, but is still not fast enough.

After this, it becomes every closer to having a human crew member, running the ship and assisting said crew. But! the system isn't scalable. It gets faster up till 2077, after that more refined. By the time that Transtator based computers come on the horizon, it is obvious that the whole system needs to be replaced. Too complex. Not flexible enough. But it took years to find its flaws. Rewriting the system was out. Memory Scan technology was to little for what was required to begin to correct the flaws.

Note this applies to FRS as well

There is one caution, however. Heat. How much heat does a complex program independent thought computer produce?? That is the limitation to what any starship can carry.

29 Mar 2013 06:55
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The other side of the coin is that computers must have reached some peak performance before the invention of the Transtator.

About the Transtator, had a thought... Perhaps the first ones were very large devices? Aimed at improving warp field control??? Without using computers, and thus reducing the total computational load upon the entire system. But what about later? Let us say that, some one realized that it was possible to reduce the physical size of them, and then realized they were looking at switching component - a little more research, and quite a few more years leads to the third generation warp drive - Transtator based. But what were Transtators doing in advanced second generation warp drives? They were enabling something new... instead of a direct wf^3, it was wf^(3+1/x) with the limit being and approaching wf^4 but not equaling wf^4, in an unreliable way.... So how did the Transtator replace the Transistor? The only thing that makes sense to me, is that it used in small form, used far less power to do the same power, and therefore less heat generated...

02 Apr 2013 21:39
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