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Been doing some more thinking upon the various computers in the ST Space Flight Chronology. Like what happens if the the first three Program Independent Thought Computers; Elementary, Intermediate, and 2064; are single minded machines. That is, for the amount of data, they take in, per second, they can't time share their A. I.? The A. I. cam batch process, but the over all control, requires one job to be completed before a next one is accepted.

Another problem: What happens if, because of the delicate nature of Transistors, it was decided to keep computers small, and 'simple'. This would go a long way to explaining the switching functions limitations of computers later on. That is, Transistors, are know for being affected by EMP effects rather easily. So until the Transtator is invented, this limited the scope of what could be done.

And going by the design of the computer system for Starship, Instrumentation computers wouldn't need to be too smart on their own. That is, the A. I. has to be able to be overridden, while leaving the crew some chance to still have control of the ship.

In other words, by making use of a single minded A. I. system, that operates only on a system designed for it, one could in theory get done what needs to be done. So now I have solved one more step. That of the Complex Program Independent Thought Memory Scan Computer - it is the first time sharing A. I., with the only changes occurring as to how many can use the system at once. Till the invention of the Transtator, changes everything.

As to what support I have for this, the Medical Tricorder, of 2147, that makes use of the newly invented Transtator Circuitry, at a density that permits it to be developed. Otherwise, the statements in the entry on the Tricorder, wouldn't sense. That is, a non hand held Tricorder, should have existed, at least in sickbay, at the worst. At the best, onboard a shuttlecraft, one set up for medevac.

04 Mar 2013 21:37
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