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On the minimizing of surface area 
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Just had one of those early morning thoughts.
Think in terms of soap bubbles. Soap bubbles, are quite interesting, for they act to a certain extent, as computational devices. That is, a soap bubble will always act minimize its surface area. This has been used to determine the minimum volume, that can be found, for a given three dimensional structure. So why is this important?

Warp fields around ships, versus ship volume. The greater the ship volume, the less warp speed that ship will be effective for. That is, the Avenger class Heavy Frigate, has been found to have a greater internal volume, than the Constitution does. The Heavy Frigate therefore takes up more room within the warp field than does the Heavy Cruiser.

That is, the Heavy Cruiser is a warp surface minimum shape/volume. This is why it is designed as it is. It is the best shape for a starship.

The older Horizon Class Cruiser, was the old school, who insisted that the sphere was thet best shape for its needs. This was true to a certain extent, when taking into account useable volume. But it was not in fact the best shape for the warp field. Keep in mind till the Horizon class appeared, the best warp speeds were warp factor one for the maximum safe cruising speed, and warp factor three for the emergency speed. And that no ship had to, or was required to be, in warp flight for very long. The Horizon Class was the first long duration, high speed ship of Earth or the Federation.

Source for this last statements is page three of the Heavy Cruiser Evolution Blueprints.

In other words to sum this up, the Enterprise has to be a logical design, but in its own frame of reference. That is, the shape does not "work", unless the warp field shape is minimized, to the physics of the warp field.

26 Jan 2013 04:59
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making an Enterprise variant with a totally spherical hull would look a lot like Perry Rhodan... ; )

or fitting the existing components into a minimum volume sphere with a diameter just a bit larger than the saucer... : )



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26 Jan 2013 16:41
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Please refer to the Heavy Cruiser Evolution Blueprints. Star ships of the 2190's had spherical primary hulls. This wasn't, allowing for the needs of the warp field, thus using far more energy than required. The Constitution Class's Primary hull/ over all design, was the best design possible. As is said in TMoST "Galaxy Travel is fully perfected."
The shape of the warp field is directly influenced by the presence of mass. And the distribution of that mass. What this means is that a simple concentration of mass is out of the question - that is the Avenger Class heavy Frigate, isn't an ideal shape, hence it is slower than a Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser, for the same energy. What this idea of mine explains is why the design as such, is logical - for the required warp field. As to the Horizon Class Space Cruiser, for its time, and purpose as defined, it was good enough to get the job done. We know this by the repeat class - Archon, with slightly better equipment.
But to stress the point a bit more, this class was doing well at warp factor two cruising speed, warp factor four emergency speed. Before this class, ships were doing well at warp one to a maximum of warp three. For short duration voyages. Which means that Warped9's equation is something close to the way to go, for otherwise it would take too long to get anyway interesting. Then we have the Durance Class Cargo-Tug, with a speed of warp factor one, and warp factor two emergency speed.

As to the Klingon D-7 Class Battle Cruiser, it isn't a long duration ship - 2.4 Earth Years standard, 7.2 Earth years maximum, at high warp. But it too is minimized, in its own way, according to the Klingon requirements.
But it is all about control, fine tuned control. Which leads to the freeing up of energy resources for higher warp speeds. What this means is that the Horizon's warp engines were wasting a great deal of energy just to attain low warp.
Which leads me into more advanced warp drives(Phase II). What they are doing is reducing still farther the total energy requirements, to attain a given warp factor, thus freeing up more energy for sensors/weapons and defense...

26 Jan 2013 21:38
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