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Battlestar Galactica - Blood & Chrome 
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TacFleet Liaison
TacFleet Liaison

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Anybody planning on following this? Streaming on a regular basis through Machinima Prime channel. First two segments here:

Was never a fan of the Moore incarnation. Couldn't stomach Caprica. There's certainly lots of lens flares here a la one of my favorites, Firefly . . . but I don't think I completely buy the CGI set-building that this author thinks is acceptable. Plus, the whole thing could be a dead-horse effort and just a way to recoup some money with nothing more coming of it, but if I can watch it for free (legally) then I guess there's not much harm if it does indeed turn out to be feldergarb.

Seems to be pretty rote storyline through the first two parts, though. Not a good sign.

At least it's fun to watch all the legitimate swearing be audio-killed by background environmental noise. :lol: (And of course, no boobies in the shower scenes – they'll save the nudity for the unrated DVD in February, naturally. ;) )

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14 Nov 2012 18:33
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I'd like to eventually catch up to it. I'm still on Season 4 of nu-BSG and haven't seen any of Caprica yet. But it's on the list.


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14 Nov 2012 20:36
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don't waste your time with Caprica.
I have two nicknames for it ; Frakrica and Craprica
the first two-hour pilot and the last episode were good,the rest was a damn soap opera !

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15 Nov 2012 11:26
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I enjoyed it. A lot. It was whiz bang BSG stuff without a lot of Moore's dumber mistakes from the later seasons. I know we're supposed to enjoy the deeper moral meanings of it all, but not when the moral meanings are STOOPID. So far this is cool space opera and I've missed that.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the sets. It's all green screen and I think they managed it very well. Even places like CiC which we've seen real sets of. I loved the hangar deck. They managed a level of activity that was never realized on the show.

And it's free!

I'm more than ok with the PG version. There has to be some middle ground between Disney and Tarantino. Television seems to be trying to get out of that middle ground as fast as they can.

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15 Nov 2012 15:39
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