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reversing the line of thought 
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I was in Chemistry class last night, and the Professor was talking about energy, and what it has to do with chenistry....

But I got to thinking, that we should invert our lines of thought from time to time. When we look at the phaser, what do we see???? What I am getting at, is that when fired at a target, and set on dematerialize, what happens, in detail to the target??? Never mind the previous thoughts on this, start fresh. The other thing was a talk about matter waves. Yes, matter waves.... This explainsthe Transporter perfectly. Treat the beam subject as a wave(energy), and go from there... it makes it workable....And so on.

09 Oct 2012 12:29
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What Imeanis, that it has been found that backward chaining of a computer program, works better thanforward chaining. That is, it is faster doing it backwarsds, than forwards.
So looking at the effect, what does that tell us, about what is actually supposed to be happening? You have a material(person)(Friday's Child(where a Klingon has our prtagonist's phaser)) It is set on high. So the target, starts emiting blue light... Coal to barrow from chemistry, gives off read light as it burns... At the Quntum scale, this means that electrons are changing energy states, and doinf so in the only way they can, releasing a photon at a given wave length. So what does the blue glow given off by the target tell us??? When looked at this way???

10 Oct 2012 09:24

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This might be of interest to you ... y_999.html

At very low temperatures, close to absolute zero, chemical reactions may proceed at a much higher rate than classical chemistry says they should - because in this extreme chill, quantum effects enter the picture.We expect that our method will be used to solve many puzzles in reactions that are especially relevant to interstellar chemistry, which generally occurs at ultra-low temperatures.

13 Oct 2012 15:09
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that just gave me a Fred Hoyle moment... ; )



All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force...
We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind.
This Mind is the matrix of all matter.
Max Planck

13 Oct 2012 20:59
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