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MLJames -- Skeletons From My Closet 
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I think they are both great. That was the idea with Monoceros. Not a Coronado structure specifically but a smoother though similar expanded engineering deck that integrates impulse and warp engineering. I like the Coronado structure though, and it gets the same idea across.

Same for Surya. This is true to SotSF1, and the Avenger Plans depicted an Achernar-based Surya. I really don't like the dating for any of those ships anymore and would love to dig back into them, using the early frigate designs Mark and I have developed based on my Republic design, the Modular Fleet Chart and the hull pressure compartment idea developed by Shaw to look at how an early numbered frigate like Coventry might have appeared at first. Then use Miranda as a PB-25, pre-Surya and pick up Surya with PB-31 nacelles in a 2230s configuration.

The only thing I think you are really missing is evacuation vents for the flight decks on the corners of your aft superstructure. With the topside phasers on the B/C deck, you might want to play with adding those deflector strips from the forward sides of Enterprise's secondary hull to the position they have topside the saucer on Reliant.


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For some odd reason (and I can't remember where I picked it up), I always thought those "vents" were maneuvering thrusters; this is the first time I've heard them called evacuation vents. (Why a ship would need so blasted many of them if they are thrusters is another matter entirely.)

As far as the deflector strips go, that's a pretty good idea. In fact, I did something similar a while back with the Wright-Corder-styled Cutty Sark fast frigate in the same era. As I said earlier, I did these mainly as a break from stuff I'd been working on, and as something I could bang together pretty easily from pre-existing parts in my toolkit. I was planning to do a similar take on the SOTSF Coventry as well, but I never had the time.

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